Guess who I married in FE:A and I’ll draw any Awakening character of your choice!!! Wow!!!

I’m not drawing your myUnit though, come on. If nobody guesses correctly or nobody bothers guessing, I’ll just draw who I married hahaha.

Honestly I want to draw them all, but I’m so busy all the time (which is why I haven’t been posting much.)

Oh and you can guess anonymously if you want, but you have to submit who you want drawn along with your guess.

I married a male character, by the way.

Edit: Somebody guessed it!



Hey guys! Every year I do a 13-day countdown to Halloween, where I draw a new Halloween girl every day. I call it Halloween XIII and this is my EIGHTH year doing it.

This year I’m doing rpg/fantasy interpretations of popular costumes.

This always comes up at the most stupidly inconvenient times (lol physics midterm in four days), but hopefully I’ll get through it alright. Quality may or may not be inconsistent.

So I hope you enjoy and get in that spoopy spirit!

Also, while I’m making a text post: thank you so much for over 200 followers (205 now, actually). I’m totally flattered people enjoy my work, and I’ll keep trying to improve at what I do!